Julian Bahlmann

1. How I started doing what I do? 

I would say that the fact that my Father (Greg) being an accountant had a strong influence on my deciding to look into the field of accounting.  I didn’t always want to be an accountant, but the glove ending up fitting quite well so I still wear it. Although I did work part time for Greg Bahlmann & Associates initially (mid 90’s) my formative years would have to be those spent in a Chartered Accounting Firm in Toowong. I took a year off life over in the UK and on my return in 1999 began my official employment at Greg Bahlmann & Associates. Almost ten years later and a lot has changed but we are still altogether so we must have done something right!


2. What is my educational background? 

“I will never do Accounting for the rest of my life!” were my comments after finishing my final year 12 Accounting exam back in the early 90’s at St. Laurence’s College (South Brisbane). I did persist with that intent for 12 months studying IT first year out of school. By my 2nd year at uni I had worked out that I was perhaps a little hasty in my declaration and changed to Commerce majoring in Accounting & Finance. I have since gone on to complete my CPA postgraduate program and more recently completed the CPA Public Practice Program which is required for all CPA’s to complete when a Partner of an accounting practice.


3. What are some of the big things I have accomplished for clients?

When I think back over the last ten years or so working as an accountant, it is hard to recall any particular accomplishment that stands out. When I first started out getting a client a tax refund more than my fee was a pretty big deal in my eyes. These days I don’t focus so much on the tax but on the quality of my advice.  So for me the big accomplishments are really when the penny drops when I am trying to explain to my client why we need to structure a transaction in a certain way or why you need to use a Company instead of a Partnership.