Case Study - New Procedures


A new client was a company with its operations in landscaping over Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. Its financial controller had been with them for some years and the company was at risk with too much control being with one person.

The financial controller subsequently left the company and the company had experienced substantial losses.


How we Helped

We reviewed the company's documentation, meeting with the Directors and new financial controller. The company's accounting databases were analysed to assess the internal controls and procedures or lack thereof, to identify areas of risk. Procedures have now been put into place for administrative staff on accounting procedures and managers/sales staff with store budgets and monthly meetings, with each department now taking on their own responsibility.

As a result of the circumstances and substantial losses, a full GST audit was conducted by the ATO. We met with the ATO officers and the client. The audit, which was significant, satisfied the ATO that all was now in order.


Clients Thoughts and the Future

The client is still with us today and values and appreciates our input. We meet with them as required and are in constant phone and email contact. It is their appreciation of how their company has turned around which acknowledges the work that we do. Profits are now being generated to the delight of the owners.