Anastasia Jamieson

How I started doing what I do?

I have always had an interest in accounting, ever since my school days. Working my way through university in the banking sector, I moved into a junior accounting position with a small suburban practice in Springwood after I graduated. After many years, this small practice has evolved into the practice it is today at Eight Mile Plains. My original employer is still working with us. With the legislation constantly changing and client profiles varying, it is an ever changing field to maintain my interest.


What is my educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accountancy which I completed in 1997 at QUT. I then obtained my CPA qualifications after a further 3 years of study through Deakin University. Further to that an extra qualification required to operate a public accounting practice was gained through CPA Australia. I also have my Commissioner for Declarations status that enables me to witness documents for clients, in an official capacity.


What are some of the big things I have accomplished for clients?

It would be easy to say, for example, that I have saved thousands of dollars in tax for clients as my biggest accomplishment. However, I would have to say that when a client finally understands how a profit and loss statement and balance sheet actually reflects their business and that they too can understand these concepts, this brings a smile to my face. It is a real accomplishment for both me and the client in the day to day operation of their business.

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