Greg Bahlmann

How I started doing what I do?

It was initially a decision of wanting to provide for my family, which gave me the drive to complete my college exams to become an accountant.  I spent many years building my experience as an accountant for Buttercup Bakeries. I moved onto a bursary position in an independent high school for a number of years before finishing my commercial accounting career at a shopfitting factory in the early 1990’s. I had in fact already registered as a tax agent in 1974 and began working nights to build up a client base, but it wasn’t until 1992 I believed it was time to step out and begin full-time work as a public accountant. Greg Bahlmann & Associates was born.


What do I find most rewarding about the work I do?

I don’t think there is anything better than receiving a genuine “Thank You” from a client after doing your best for them. I have received a few over the years, and it isn’t necessarily because of a tax refund. I get great satisfaction out of knowing that I have made a difference in that client’s life.
Another great achievement is seeing the business I started over a quarter of a century ago now enter its second generation with Anastasia and Julian taking over the business. It is great to see all the hard work and many hours actually become something so much more than just a one-man band as it was all those years ago

How have I contributed to our community over the years?

JAG Partners has attracted a number of not-for-profit clients over the years to help with the onerous reporting requirements that come with government funding. I have spent many hours working with these committees on a voluntary basis because I really believe in what they achieve for our community.
I also have sat on many a Parish council as Treasurer over the years as a way of serving those in my community which I always found both challenging and rewarding.

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