Useful Links

Check an ABN on the register

ABN Lookup provides access to the publicly available information provided by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN).


Apply for an ABN online

Click on the link above to apply for an ABN online through the Australian Government Website. 


Search a business or company name

Click on the link above to find a businesses ABN by searching their trading name OR find a business through their ABN number. 


Personal Income Tax Calculator

You can use this calculator for an estimate of your tax refund or debt for the 2005-06 to 2007-08 income years.



Stay up to date with the stockmarket.



For all you MYOB products, services and questions.



For those seeking the time saving benefits of an easy to use automated accounting system designed for essential business tasks. Packed with great new functionality and improved features, Quicken 2009 can help you manage your money.


Currency Converter

Click on the link above to use the Commenwealth Bank Currency Converter.


Qld State Taxes

Find out if you are liable to pay additional taxes such as land tax.